About - ogmphoto

Every picture captures a moment in time, immortalizing it before our eyes. Some pictures portray the emotion of what was in front of the camera, the feeling of a subject, the energy surrounding a situation. Then there are pictures that give us a rewarding visual experience which can only hope to inspire.

I am a Venezuelan photographer currently based in Tampa, FL. The majority of my work revolves around creative photography but also includes landscape, portrait, and architectural.

I like the idea that we can make copies of what we see with our eyes and with photography we can not only take snapshots of it but build upon it and transform a simple picture into a work of art, that is what I love most about photography.

I always look for ways to make my images somewhat extraordinary, whether it is by using advanced photographic techniques or just pure creativity. It doesn't matter if it is an architectural photograph or a portrait, the end result is always something that draws you in and makes you appreciate the world, hopefully in a new and interesting way.

I started working on my photography around 2007 and quickly became interested in techniques like long exposure, compositing, HDR, and low light photography. After getting my first DSLR camera, I set out to capture life from my own point of view. By doing this, personal projects were born and many continue as I keep pushing my creativity, learn new techniques, and become involved with other peopleĀ“s work.

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