Photography is more than just freezing a moment in time. Immortalizing it before our eyes. It allows us to portray emotions, the energy around a situation or subject. With it, we can create a rewarding visual experience that inspires the mind and pleases the eye. 

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Hello, my name is Omar G Molina and I am a photographer based out of Tampa, FL. Life has blessed with an incredible wife and family, they inspire me every day, pushing me to tap into my creativity and be a better photographer for my clients and projects.

My love for photography comes from my obsession with creativity and my ability to get technology to work for me.

The majority of my work revolves around commercial sports and fitness photography but you can also find me shooting architectural images for local realtors, architects, and designers.

I always look for ways to make my images somewhat extraordinary, whether by using advanced photography techniques, lighting, editing or just pure creativity. It doesn't matter if it's an architectural image or a portrait, the end result is always something that draw you in and make you appreciate the subject, hopefully in a new and interesting way.